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Guest Writer

Hi everyone! Big news! We have a guest writer, Miss Mar. She will be writing on some of the topics she is most familiar with.

Look for a posting on garlic here soon!

Let’s all welcome her with open arms and leave a note in the comments field below!

General Housekeeping – 10.19.11

Here in the making I am looking at having a guest writer on here… Miss Mar! I have featured her in a couple of posts, and she comments alot! But I am going to enjoy having her expertise on great subjects like garlic, grapes, and Asian pears! (I hope she doesn’t think she would get away with just garlic :-)

I am working on a soil amendments posting along with a fall perennials post. What do you want to hear about, feel free to chime-in in the comments section, or send an email to northwestveggies @ gmail.com.