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I Have Begun, Have You?

On Saturday, I started my seeds. I have an unusual number of tomatoes, four different varieties. As a gal grown up on the east coast, I need my summer tomatoes. I have heard from others that the tomato is a lost cause here, but, I feel that I must have some. Outside, not in a greenhouse, but a real true tomato, outside.

So, here are my four varieties:

  1. Kibits Ukranian Tomato – Amishland Seeds
  2. Tess’ Land Race Tomato – Amishland Seeds
  3. Arbason F1 Tomato – High Mowing
  4. TM862 Stupice Tomato – Territorial Seed

I also planted some peppers, broccoli and cucumbers. Here is my seed starting setup. I have a piece of rigid foam under the heat mat, and a grow light to assist my little seedlings.

Here is everything, ready to go! I have a big box warehouse brand sprayer bottle for watering the seedlings once they get going. This allows a soft water stream that will not disrupt the seedling’s growth. I also have the light on a timer.


So, I have started, have you? Please let us know in the comments below!

Fall Harvest and a Sneak Peak at the Fall Garden

Well today I decided to take some photos of what’s been going on in my garden over the last couple of days!

A couple of tomatoes harvested! Yes, I did need to force them, but they are so tasty, I snuck a few prior to this photo….

And a couple of ears of corn… Popcorn. I hope that they matured enough to be cooperative when I try to pop them! They look like odd strawberries, but they are popcorn.

And here’s whats going on in the fall garden…

Brussel Sprouts:                               Broccoli and Spinach:


Kale and Arugula:

I am planning on covering these little guys here shortly! They are cold and sick of the wind. I am waiting on Molbaks to get different sizes of their grow guards in stock. Hopefully here shortly. I tried to get some windows today to get a cold frame going, but the pickup was an HOUR before I got there! An hour! As my dear husband said, Guess it just wasn’t meant to be!

What do you have going in your garden? Send photos! We are always looking for guests to showcase their gardens and give a different point of view! Send photos to northwestveggies @ gmail.com